At a home inspection in Stillwater, MN, I found evidence of frost. Finding it is easy during the winter because the frost forms on the nails from the shingles. In the summertime I look for rust on those nails, as well as darkened wood where the moisture has caused damage. Moist air in the attic can cause a few problems; most notibly damaged wood and compromised insulation.

The cure is not too pricey, smewhere around $1,700 – $2,000 for an average house. To read an incredibly smart and funny article about sealing attic bypasses, click: Here

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Joe has many years of experience as a Home Inspector. Joe is a proud member of ASHI, MAHI, WAHI & SAAR. He follows the Best Practices as described by the American Association of Home Inspectors and the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors. He is licensed in Wisconsin and is Radon Certified. Joe also complies with ASHI's Code of Ethics.

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