How much does a Home Inspection cost?

        • Home Inspection

      • $425.00, depending on the size and age of the house
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Home Inspections:

The cost of a home inspection is $425.00, and takes 3 – 4 hours.

The price goes up for larger houses, or with more things to inspect, such as outbuildings, multiple furnaces, water heaters and bathrooms. Call, text or email for a firm price.

Because the report will have so many pictures, I will send it to a cloud file share site and email you a link to that site.

Radon Tests:

Radon tests are $160.00 each, with home inspections. Without an inspection, $200.00.


Re-inspections are $150.00 each. If you are a seller, you might get an inspection that shows a defect that you don’t want on the report. Make the repair and call us back. You will get a new, 30 page, bound report that you can show potential buyers.

You get a “no drama” home inspector!

Paladin inspections are not focused on causing panic. The report is designed to replace uncertainty with knowledge. The report can be used as a guide for future maintenance.

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