Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Save Lives

What’s required;

CO alarms are required to be installed (hard wired, plugged into an outlet or battery operated and mounted) within 10 feet of every sleeping room. There cannot be a flight of stairs or door between the alarm and the bedroom door.

That’s it. Short blog today.

More? Okay.

They don’t last forever. The best selling CO alarms in this area are First Alert and Kidde (pronounced “kid-a”. I’m not kidding ((snicker)). The company was founded by Walter Kidde in 1917 in the United States. The founder was of Czech ancestry.)

If they’re more than 7 years old, I recommend replacing them. Here’s a hint; fill in the date tag when you install them. (Oh I know, but do it anyway.)

Low levels of CO will produce flu symptoms but may not trigger the alarm. Consider buying (and installing) an alarm that has a digital display. The best one available at this writing is the

Kidde C3010D

It has a 10-year battery, and is sensitive to very low levels. Pricey? Kinda. $40 or so.