Corrugated Drain – an oxymoron?

See how I did that? How could it be called a drain if it doesn’t drain? Get it?

I’m not sure why home centers and hardware stores are allowed to sell stuff like this. I looked around, and cannot find a plumbing code that does not specifically say that that kind of drain is not proper for plumbing fixtures, The term I read is “self-scrubbing”, which corrugated pipes are not.

The manufacturers call these “Universal drain lines”. I can see the appeal, for those homeowners and handymen that have a job to do but don’t know how to do it. This is a case of solving one problem and creating another.

But this speaks to a larger problem that I find a lot. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. Not having the tools, knowledge or eye to hand coordination for a given task is not a sin. But for both safety and long-term cost savings, have a professional do the job right.