Dishwasher High Loop

A quick peek under your kitchen sink and a 15-minute fix can help avoid costly repairs.

At nearly every inspection, I find a problem relating to the dishwasher installation. Even though the installation guides from the dishwasher manufacturer are clear, the dishwasher drain line does not make a high loop underneath the kitchen sink. In the diagram below, you can see that a high loop is just what it sounds like.

This is important. Without a high loop. the dishwasher doesn’t drain as it should, and the water left behind could get smelly. And if the drain gets plugged, dirty water from the sink could be sent into the dishwasher.

No good.

The fix is usually simple; raise the tube as close as you can to the underside of the counter. Hold it in place with a bracket attached to the countertop or wall in the back of the cabinet.

Don’t let the tube kink!

Using a zip tie or a coat hanger might work for a little while, but a blocked tube could be a very big deal.