The dryer vent ends on the roof? Really?

I understand that space is tight, especially in a townhome.

At an inspection, I always get up on the roof.


Except for when I can’t.

Like when the roof is covered with snow, or in a hard rain, or if the roof covering is slate tile or a product that will break. Then I don’t.

At times like that, it’s hard to look in the dryer vent. Which is too bad, because it’s an important part of the home inspection. Lint is the biggest cause of fires in American homes after cigarette smoking.

And it’s got to be hard on the homeowner who wants to be a good steward to the home.

It can be done, if you don’t mind climbing ladders.

I found a pretty good link about how to do that, so rather than just steal their words, I’ll leave a link. Click: Clean the vent.