How safe is your sump pump basket cover?

A sump pump can keep water in your basement from thousands of dollars in damages. But there are some things to consider.

In a perfect world, melting snow and rain would be directed away from your house via gutters, downspouts and drainage. In a world where water gets into the building, an internal drain system is an attractive alternative to puddles and mold.

The system consists of drain tile that directs water to a big hole in the floor with a plastic basket. At the bottom of the basket is a sump pump that turns on by itself when the water level climbs enough to raise a float, or trigger. It pumps the water outside, and away from the building. At the top of the basket, level with the floor is a cover. It should be screwed down to the floor, so small children can’t fall in. It should also be air tight, to keep any moisture, soil toxins and radon from entering the living space.

These covers can be purchased online or at a home center for between $25 – $85.

You can buy this Everbilt cover at Home Depot