A new attic hatch

A solution for a problem you didn’t know you had!

As a home inspector in the Stillwater, MN area, I look in attics as part of the inspection. There is almost always something about the attic hatch that I put on the report. The hatch is not insulated, or enough, or the hatch is not weatherstripped. These conditions create a huge heat loss for the house.The warm air in the house rushes out via the path of least resistance. To determine the heat loss in YOUR house, click: Pro Trade Craft Those guys LOVE math! Or just take my word for it; it’s a lot of heat.

Common hatch insulation includes loose cellulose that falls out when you open the hatch, or fiberglass batts that don’t fit all 4 sides. A thick piece of rigid foam, secured to the panel had been the best choice.

Until recently. Now, there’s a (relatively) new  way to insulate the opening into the attic. It has high walls that keep the surrounding insulation, and a one-piece panel that fits in place, and is insulated. As it happens, there are a few versions of this product, but the one I would buy is at home centers for about $60.00.

I read the installation guide for the one on the left; It’s pretty straightforward. It should take less than an hour start to finish.

For more information about that specific product, click: That Specific Product.

A quick note about kneewall insulation

In some older homes, folks have turned the attic into living spaces. It makes sense, given that space is pricey. But when a 1 1/2 story house is used like a 2 story, the second floor is hard to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulating the kneewall area is 1) Hard, 2) important.

I found a link that describes the choices better than I can, even though the writer isn’t nearly as funny. To visit that site, click: Kneewall insulation

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