No time to be a perfect homeowner? Kura to the rescue!

What do do if you're not the perfect homeowner

Kura Home Maintenance isn’t paying me to talk about them. I just love the company!

They started as a furnace duct cleaning company and quickly became a home maintenance company. They come by once a quarter to do all of the things you said you were going to do but never get around to.

About half of the items I note in a home inspection has to do with the lack of regular maintenance. I note when the furnace filter is dirty and if the water softener is out of salt.

If the occupant was better at home maintenance, the report would be shorter.

And the cost of neglect can be high; A lot of folks don’t vacuum the coils in the refrigerator. The coils can’t cool as well, and the refrigerator uses more electricity and doesn’t last as long. Have you priced a new refrigerator lately?

So from now on I’m going to let my inspection customers know that there is a service available. Here’s a link;

Kura Home Maintenance