If only all of my problems were this easy to solve!

As a home inspector in the Stillwater, MN area, I get on the roof. Always. (Okay, sometimes I can’t, like on a clay tile roof, or in the snow, but you take my point.)

Even if for the rare occasion that the roof is inaccessible, I try very hard to get a good look at the plumbing vents, especially where they meet the roof.

At around 10 years or so, the rubber seal around the vent gets dry from the sun and starts to crack, eventually leading to a leak. A really, really tiny leak, so don’t get too worried. But enough that you could see stains on the ceiling of the room below the vent.

For a long time, the only permanent solution was to replace the flashing, (which is hard to do), or caulk around the seam, (which is easy to do but not permanent).

Neither of those solutions were easy to recommend, because of what is written in bold above. Note the word “tiny”.

Still, homeowners hate stains on their ceilings. Go figure.

Today, I am happy to announce that there is a solution that is easy and permanent!

Perma-Boot is a relatively new product that fits over the plumbing vent and keeps rain from entering the building at the roof line. It’s biggest advantage is the ease of installation. Here’s a video. (Turn up the volume. I wish I had that guy’s accent.)

Click: Perma-Boot Installation.

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