Should I cover my AC unit?


Not to say that I haven’t. It bothered me to see it covered with snow and ice, with nothing to protect it from the elements.

By the way, you know what I’m talking about, right? The AC condensing unit is that big, outside appliance. It has a fan that drives air through little fins and cools them off, condensing the refrigerant to liquid state.


There are companies that sell covers, so I’m not wrong to use them, right? A quick online search shows hundreds of available covers of all types. Funny thing, though. none of the covers for sale were from the folks that make the units.

As it turns out, the manufacturers don’t think you should use them, because an outside unit is designed to be, well, outside. In fact, a cover could hold in moisture, leading to rust. And mice could move in and cause a BUNCH of damage!

So rake the lawn, put up Christmas lights, and ignore the condenser unit until spring, when it’s time to clean the fins.